Settings Summary

Click the command for more information on Host Integrator settings.

Secondary Selection End Column

Secondary Selection End Row

Secondary Selection Start Column

Secondary Selection Start Row

3270 numeric input field character set

Aid Field Exit

All Font Character Sets

Convert Alternate Font Characters to Spaces

Assigned Device Name

Assigned Host

Assigned LU Name

Enable Asynchronous Transport Behavior

Record Attribute Contents with Command (Operation Generation Preferences Dialog Box)

Erase to End of Attribute for Attributes

Generate Attributes Automatically (Attribute Preferences Tab)

Generate Attributes Based on

Attribute Naming

Position Type for Attributes

Remove All Blanks for Attributes

Remove Leading Blanks for Attributes

Remove Trailing Blanks for Attributes

Character Mode Data Entry for Attributes

Close Build Window Upon Completion of Successful Build

Automatic Font Sizing

Generate Tabstops Automatically

Auto SignOn

Automatically Update Script Manager with New Handler Libraries

BDT Ignore Scroll Lock

Cache All Attribute Writes

Cache All Field Writes

Caps Lock State


Case Sensitive Search

Country Extended Graphics Code

Echoed Character Timeout

Close Progress Window on Completion

Command Line Switches

Include CheckOperationCondition Command


Wait For Host Response During Server Connect

Create Entity For Each Screen

Current Cursor Column

Cursor Offset

Cursor Progression Indicator

Current Cursor Row

Default Event Handler Timeout

Apply Default Value to Server

Default Screen Selection Mode

Delay after AID

Use model file host settings for design tool deployment

Device Name

Current Display Width

Display Margins

Current Display Height

Display Variable Width Fonts

Don't Show Discard Recording Dialog Box

Don't Show Save Entity Dialog Box

Action Taken after Reloading Event Handler Libraries

Automatically Send New Handlers to the Editor

Enable Host Alarm

Auto Repeat

Verastream 5.5 Erase to End of Attribute Compatibility

Verastream 5.0 Error Entity Compatibility

Event Handler Classpath

Event Handler Language

Event Handler Language Chosen

Disable Event Handler Timeouts in Design Tool

Event Handler Timeout Recovery

Execute Host Login Sequence on Host Connect

Execute Host Logout Sequence on Host Disconnect

Font Character Set

Font Name

Font Size

Font Style

Path and Name of Executable

Default Package Name for New Scripts

Password Client Connect Test Parameter

UserId Client Connect Test Parameter

VT End of Line Wrap

Height of Window

Help Display Mode

Host 3270 Keyboard

Host 5250 Keyboard

Host Communication Timeout

Host Connection Timeout (in seconds)

Verastream 5.5 Host Data Processing Compatibility

Host HP Keyboard

Host Keyboard Type

Host Name

Host Network Address

Host Password

Hosts File Name

Secure Host SSL Negotiated Cipher

Host Username

Host VT420 Keyboard

HP Auto Linefeed

HP Auto Linefeed Default

HP Block Mode

HP Block Mode Default

HP Block Terminator

HP Block Terminator Default

HP Block Transfer Unit

HP Block Transfer Unit Default

HP Default User Key 1

HP Default User Key 2

HP Default User Key 3

HP Default User Key 4

HP Default User Key 5

HP Default User Key 6

HP Default User Key 7

HP Default User Key 8

Destructive Backspace

Display Memory Lines

Display Memory Response

HP Enq/Ack (Pacing)

HP Enq/Ack (Pacing) Default

HP Field Separator

HP Field Separator Default

Host Character Set

Host Prompt Character

HP Inhibit DC2

HP Inhibit DC2 Default

HP Inhibit EOL Wrap

HP Inhibit EOL Wrap Default

HP Inhibit Handshake

HP Inhibit Handshake Default

HP Inverse Video

HP Local Echo

HP Local Echo Default

Margin Bell

HP Modify All

HP Modify All Default

National Replacement Set

HP Remote Mode

HP Remote Mode Default

HP Return Definition

HP Return Definition Default

HP Return Equals Enter

HP Return Equals Enter Default

HP Screen Columns

Show Function Keys


HP SPOW Default

HP Start Column

HP Start Column Default

HP Tab Definition

HP Tab Equals Spaces

HP Tab Equals Spaces Default

Setting HP Tab Stops

Setting HP Tab Stops Default

HP Terminal ID Response

HP Terminal Type

HP Transmit Functions

HP Transmit Functions

Transmit Modified

Use Host Prompt

Warning Bell

Ignore EUI Command Error

Insert Protocol for 3270

Show Host Mapped Keys

Show Key Help

Keep Alive Timer Interval (in minutes)

Keyboard Error Alarm

Keyboard Error Reset

Verastream 6.5 Keyboard Lock Compatibility

Keyboard Locked

Keyboard Lock Timeout

Allow Keys During Wait Commands

Left of Window

Verastream 5.5 Wait for Update 3270 Compatibility

Verastream 5.5 Wait for Update 5250 Compatibility

Verastream 5.5 Wait for Update HP Compatibility

Listening Port

Local Keyboard

User Recording

Max Debug File Length

Maximum Size for Design Tool Model Message Store

Model File

Model Path

Model Toolbar Visible

Mouse Last-Clicked Column

Mouse Last-Clicked Row

Mouse Shape

MoveCursor for Character Mode

MoveCursor Command List Timeout

Verastream 5.0 Multi-Column Recordset Compatibility

Verastream 5.5 Multi-Line Attribute Compatibility

OLE Application Name

National Character Set

Display small icons in the Navigator dialog

Navigation Timeout

NS/VT Port

NS/VT Timed Reads

Numlock State

Offline Mode

Connect To Host on Open

Generate Operations Automatically

Prompt User When Generating Operations

Use Timeout for Operations

Path to Executable

Verastream 5.5 Pattern Compatibility

Generate Patterns Automatically

Generate Patterns Based On

Use Blink for Patterns

Use Brightness for Patterns

Use Case Sensitivity for Patterns (Pattern Preferences Dialog Box)

Use Display Attributes for Patterns

Use Field Type for Patterns

Position Type for Patterns

Use Text for Patterns

Use Text Color for Patterns

Use Underscore for Patterns

Use Video for Patterns

Verastream 5.0 Pattern Width Compatibility

Pause Playback Trace on EOR

Preserve 3270 Terminal Insert State

Procedure Navigates to Home Entity When an Error Occurs

Verastream 5.0 Procedure Recordset Update Compatibility

Verastream 5.0 Protected Attribute Compatibility

Confirm Exit

Read Hidden Text

Verastream 5.0 Read Recordset Compatibility

Reconnect For Session Reset To Home Entity

When the Field is Empty

Record the Contents of

When Field Text is Hidden


Record Initial Cursor Position

Record Initial Synchronization Commands

Recordset Bottom Position

Erase to End of Field for Recordset Fields

Remove All Blanks for Recordset Fields

Remove Leading Blanks for Recordset Fields

Remove Trailing Blanks for Recordset Fields

Character Mode Data Entry for Recordset Fields

Recordset Record

Recordset Top Position

Recordset Width

Record Toggle Commands

Verastream 5.0 Relative to Pattern Compatibility

Right Control Key Repeat

Record Cursor Position with Terminal Key Command

Save Model

Save Window Position

Script Manager State

Event Handler Toolbar Visible

Scroll Lock State

Selection End Column

Selection End Row

Current Screen Selection Mode

Selection Start Column

Selection Start Row

Serial Number

Session Type

Maximum Number of Consecutive Session View Partial Updates Allowed

Settings File

Show Progress Details

SLP Search Agent Method

SLP DA Request Timeout

SLP Directory Agents

SLP Discovery Retry Interval

SLP Max Discovery Wait

SLP Max Multicast Reply Wait

SLP Max SA Request Wait

SLP Multicast Radius

SLP Multicast Retry Interval



Use Scoped Services Only

Startup Working Directory

Status Bar Text

Substitute "0" with "Ø"

Support 3270 Partitions

Telnet Attention

Telnet Binary

Telnet Ech

Use Emulation Terminal ID

Telnet Environment

Set Host Window Size

Telnet HP Terminal ID

Initiate Option Negotiation

Send Keep Alive Packets

Telnet Average Keep Alive Roundtrip

Keep Alive Timeout

Send LF After CR

Telnet Linemode

Telnet Location

Telnet/SSH Ports

Telnet Protocol

Response Mode (Telnet Extended Option)

Telnet Sys Request

Telnet Terminal ID

Telnet VT Terminal ID

Telnet X System

Terminal Kbd Fix Upper Right Corner

Terminal Kbd Mode

Terminal Kbd Shape

Terminal Kbd Tether

Terminal Kbd Tooltips

Terminal Kbd Visible

Terminal Model

TN APPN Gateway

Toolbar Visible

Top of Window

Maximum Size for Debug Trace Output File

Translation Character Set

Transport Type

5250 Status Line

Use Service Location Protocol

Verastream 5.5 Variable Length Record Compatibility

Version String

VT Active Display

VT Answerback Concealed

VT Answerback Concealed Default

VT Answerback Message

VT Answerback Message Default

VT Auto Answerback

VT Auto Answerback Default

Auto Repeat

VT End of Line Wrap

VT End of Line Wrap Default

VT Backspace Sends

VT Backspace Sends Default

Break Enabled

VT Cursor Key Mode

VT Cursor Key Mode Default

VT Display Columns

VT Display Columns Default

VT Display Rows

VT Display Rows Default

VT Host Character Set

VT Host Character Set Default

VT Insert Mode

VT Interpret Controls

VT Interpret Controls Default

VT Inverse Video

VT Inverse Video Default

VT Keyboard Locked

VT Keyboard Locked Default

VT Local Echo

VT Local Echo Default

Margin bell

VT Newline

VT Newline Default

VT National Replacement Set

VT National Replacement Set Default

VT Keypad Mode

VT Keypad Mode Default


VT Page Cursor Coupling

VT Page Cursor Coupling Default

VT Page Size

VT Page Size Default

VT Status Line Type

VT Status Line Type Default

VT Terminal ID

VT Terminal ID Default


VT Use NRC Default

VT User Features Locked

VT User-defined Keys Locked

VT User-defined Keys Locked Default

VT Vertical Cursor Coupling

VT Vertical Cursor Coupling Default

VT Warning Bell

VT Warning Bell Default

Wait for Cursor

Wait For Host Writes

Verastream 4.5 Wait For Update Compatibility

WCP Timeout

Width of Window

Window State

Word Wrap

Use Writable Attributes as Automatic Tabstops