Set Current Record Index

To set the current record index of a recordset:

  1. Confirm that SIDemo is running in the Host Emulator, then open SIDemo.modelx in the Design Tool.
  2. On the Connection menu, click Connect to localhost via Telnet.
  3. In the Entity box, select CustomerPurchases and click the Recordset tab.
  4. Click the Test button to open the Test Recordset dialog box.
  5. From the Action box, select Set Current Record Index.
  6. In the Set the current record index to box, type 2.
  7. Click Execute.
    To check that your current record index is set to the line number you want, view the indicator (for example, Current record index: <line number>) at the bottom of this dialog box.
  8. From the Action box, select Fetch Records and click Execute.
    Look in the Fetch returned box and notice that records were fetched beginning with line 3: Q. ARMSTRONG appears in the Customer column.

Note: To test any scrolling operations that have been defined, click any of the available buttons in the Perform Scrolling Operation box.

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