VT Screen Setup

These settings reflect the current terminal state, which can be changed by the host.

Display columns

This setting specifies the number of columns displayed in the Terminal window.

Display columns

This box sets the number of lines on the display, not including the status line. The maximum number of rows you can enter depends on the display resolution.

When you change the number of rows, characters are scaled vertically to fit the desired number of rows in the Terminal window. The display is erased before the new setting takes effect.

Status Line Type

The VT status line at the bottom of the Terminal window is a one-line display that shows information about the current session. When the Status line is set to Indicator it shows the current row and column of the text cursor.

When the Status line is set to Host Writable, host applications can display messages on it. The control function DECSASD selects whether the Terminal window or the status line is the active area for displaying text.

Interpret controls

The VT terminal character set includes 65 control characters with decimal values 0-31 and 127-159. This option determines whether Host Integrator should interpret or display control characters.

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