Reset Current Recordset

This operation can be used in cases where multiple database records have the same entity definition but the scrolling changes entity attributes and entity recordset contents. To ensure that new records are fetched, add the Reset Recordset command in a scrolling operation before the actual keystroke that performs the scroll.

To use Reset Current Recordset:

  1. On the Operation tab, create a Down operation and rename it DownReset. If you already have a Down operation on the entity, you can click Copy Operation and rename it DownReset. For an IBM host, the operation looks like this. (For VT, the terminal key is VTNextPage; for HP, the terminal key is HPPageDown.)

    TransmitTerminalKey rcIBMpf2Key

  2. Add the ResetRecordset command as the second line of the DownReset operation. The operation for an IBM recordset reset looks similar to the following:

    ResetRecordset "<recordsetname>"

    TransmitTerminalKey rcIBMpf2Key


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