Procedures Overview

Procedures tell Host Integrator how to fulfill the queries it receives from client applications. The procedures you create for your table determine what host data can be read, inserted, updated, or deleted. Each procedure has a unique signature that describes what it does. The signature includes a procedure type (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE) and a set of parameters. Host Integrator uses these signatures to translate SQL statements into a set of procedures.

You can use any VHI procedure type (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT) to modify host data, but only a SELECT procedure type can return data.

Procedures use one or two of the three types of parameters:

The key component of a procedure's definition is the parameter mapping. Each parameter in a procedure corresponds to a column in the table and is mapped to an attribute, a recordset field, or another parameter. Each procedure has a predefined traversal path through the host application; during the traversal operations, data is exchanged between parameters and attributes and recordset fields. The following chart shows which parameters are used in which procedures:

Filter Parameters Data Parameters Output Parameters

Procedures should be as complete as possible: if you do not provide a procedure for a particular operation, it is not be possible for a client application to access or modify that table data. Procedures should also contain robust error handling to recover from unexpected or incomplete queries. Using the Procedure Editor, you can include error entities that define errors returned from a procedure.

Use the Procedure Wizard to quickly create a basic procedure. For more complicated procedures, create the procedure using the Tables dialog box and the Procedure Editor.

After adding procedures to your model, you can use Web Builder to quickly and easily generate a web application or a component interface, such as a web service or JavaBeans, based on the procedures of a host application model.

Note: When creating procedures to be used for generating a web application with Web Builder, you must have unique procedure names throughout the model. Do not create a procedure with the same name for two different tables.

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