Playing Back Host Datastream Traces

Using the trace feature, you can record data transmissions to and from the host. Trace is intended primarily for diagnostic purposes, but you can use the playback feature to redisplay the host's output to your screen. Playback does not redisplay the user's input.

To play back a trace

  1. Map a keystroke to the command .PlayNextTraceRecord.
  2. Double-click the trace you want to play back, or alternatively, enter a full path and file name in the File name field.
  3. Click Play.

By default, the Pause Playback Trace on EOR (end-of-record) option is set to Yes. This means that the playback pauses when an end-of-record character is encountered during the playback of a trace file. When set to No, the playback runs to completion without pausing. This option is set using the Settings menu > View Settings >Miscellaneous > Pause Playback Trace on EOR.


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