Operation Tab

Use the Operation tab to edit or define operations on a selected entity. If you've just added a new operation to your model, the following options are available:

Name - Contains the name or names of the currently defined operations. When you add a new operation to an entity, a default name, such as Operation_1, is generated. To change the default name, select it and type a new name in the name field. You can add, copy, delete, check advanced operation properties, or test your new operation using the toolbar buttons associated with the Name field.

If you want to test an operation that is related to a recordset, use the Test Recordset dialog box instead of the Execute button.

Destination - Select the default destination for the current operation from this list. Once you select a destination entity, the Design Tool expects that the selected operation will traverse to it. If the commands in the operation do not lead to the specified destination, a runtime error will occur unless any alternative destinations are selected in the Operation Destination dialog box.

Use for navigation commands to this destination - Two entities can have several operations defined to traverse between them; however, for a given entity, there should be at least one "default" operation defined to all adjacent entities. This means that when a dynamic traversal is requested and that traversal needs to jump from the current entity to an adjacent entity, the corresponding default operation will be used. To designate this default operation for a given destination entity, select the Use for navigation commands to this destination check box when the desired operation is selected in the Name field.

Command list - The list of commands used by the Design Tool to navigate between entities. Using the associated toolbar buttons, you can edit, test and debug, or copy the list. When you copy the list and paste it in a text editor, the entire list is visible.

Properties - Contains the following options for defining the properties of an operation:

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