Creating a New Model

Use this dialog box to set up a new Host Integrator model. After you create the model and make a connection, you can review these settings in the Connection Properties dialog box.

Model name

Provide a name for the model you are creating.

Create in directory

Unless you modify the location, models are saved to \<Documents>\Attachmate\Verastream\HostIntegrator\models. If you decide to save your models to another location, that location will become the default going forward.


You can create a model using a pre-configured settings file with defaults appropriate for the terminal session you are modeling. Click Browse to open an existing settings file. Host Integrator provides settings files related to each terminal type: HPModel, IBM3270Model, IBM5250Model, or VTModel.

You can create your own customized settings file. Choose Save Settings As from the File menu to create a new settings file that can be used as the basis of a new model.

Session and Transport

Use these settings to connect to a host and specify emulation options.

The Session and Transport options vary according to the values you select for Session Type and Transport Type. Click one of the following for more information: