Export Dialog Box
To interact with model project files in a XML format, save the file as .modelx. The files generated using this process are validated using an XML schema (.xsd) and provide an accurate representation of the project files, which is not true of the XML generated for documentation purposes using this dialog box.

On the File menu, click Export to open the Export dialog box.

Use the following options to generate XML- or HTML-based documentation about your custom model or one of the sample models provided with the Design Tool:

Model file in XML format

Select the Complete check box to generate detailed documentation about the current model in XML. This XML file includes the name and description of every entity, pattern, attribute, operation, and recordset defined in the model in addition to any configured system settings. It also includes a list of all commands used in each operation. By default, the XML file will be saved in the model folder. You can also click Browse to save the documentation in a different location.


Documentation in HTML format

Choose from the following options to create either API-specific or complete documentation in HTML:

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