Using Commands to Deploy a Model Package

Host Integrator provides deployment commands that you can use from the command line or in a script to deploy a model to multiple servers. With this capability you can combine model files with any event handler files they use, and also with configuration information that tells a Host Integrator Server how to provide access to the model (for example, using a session pool of a certain size, or by using specific requests for a new session).

How to Create a Model Package

To create a model package for deployment, the only item you must have is a model file. If your model uses event handlers, then the event handler .JAR files must also be present. If you're using session pools, or if your model uses model variable lists, you will also need to create configuration descriptor .xml files.

For each model that you intend to deploy using the new deployment commands, do the following:

  1. Create a model.

  2. (Optional) Create event handler .JAR files.

  3. (Optional): Write descriptors: either just a configuration descriptor or a configuration descriptor and a model variable list descriptor. A configuration descriptor is required if you want to use session pools, or if you have multiple configuration targets. A variable list descriptor is required if your model uses one or more model variable lists. Because model variable lists contain model variable values for all sessions in a session pool, you cannot have a model variable list descriptor file unless you also have a configuration descriptor file.

  4. Use the packagemodel command to create a model package. The packagemodel command can be executed from any folder, as long as <VHI install folder>\bin is in your PATH.

    For examples of the packagemodel command and more detailed information on command syntax, see Using the packagemodel Command.

  5. You must now activate the model using the activatemodel command.

How to Deploy a Model Package

  1. Use the activatemodel command to activate the model. To deactivate an activated model, use the deactivatemodel command. You can open a command window set to the appropriate path by running /hostintegrator/bin/deployCommandWindow.bat.

  2. If your integration solution includes a Web application created with Verastream's Web Builder, you must also deploy the Web application files. See Deploying a Verastream Web Application for more information.


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