Default 5250 Keyboard Mapping
Function Keystroke Environment

Attention Esc host
AU1-AU16 not mapped host
Backspace Backspace host
Backtab Shift+Tab host
Begin Bold Ctrl+B host (word processing)
Begin Underline Ctrl+U host (word processing)
Beginning of Line Ctrl+Left Arrow host (word processing)
Bottom of Page Ctrl+Down Arrow host (word processing)
Carrier Return Left Ctrl

Right Ctrl

host (word processing)
Center Ctrl+C host (word processing)
Clear Pause host
Connect Alt+C Design Tool
Delete Delete host
Disconnect Alt+D Design Tool
Down Down Arrow host
Down Double Alt+Down Arrow host
Duplicate Shift+Insert host
End Bold Ctrl+J host (word processing)
End of Line Ctrl+Right Arrow host (word processing)
End Underline Ctrl+J host (word processing)
Enter Enter host
Erase EOF End host
Erase Input Alt+End host
Extended Graphics Alt+Right Shift host
F1-F12 F1-F12 host
F12-F24 Shift+F1-Shift+F12 host
Field Exit Right Ctrl host
Field Minus Numeric keypad – host
Field Plus Numeric keypad + host
Half Index Down Ctrl+H host (word processing)
Half Index Up Ctrl+Y host (word processing)
Help Scroll Lock host
Hex Mode Alt+F7 host
Home Home host
Insert Insert host
Insert Symbols Ctrl+A host (word processing)
Left Left Arrow host
Left Double Alt+Left Arrow host
New Line Shift+Enter host
Next Stop Ctrl+N host (word processing)
Next Text Column Ctrl+D host (word processing)
Next Window Alt+N Design Tool
PA1-PA3 Alt+F1-Alt+F3 host
Page Down Page Down host
Page End Ctrl+P host (word processing)
Page Up Page Up host
Plus CR Mode Alt+F12 host
Print no mapping host
Print Screen Print Screen Design Tool
Required Carriage Return Right Ctrl host (word processing)
Required Space Ctrl+Spacebar host (word processing)
Required Tab Ctrl+Tab host (word processing)
Reset Left Ctrl host
Right Right Arrow host
Right Double Alt+Right Arrow host
Roll Down Shift+Down Arrow host
Roll Up Shift+Up host
Rule Alt+Page Down host
Show Command Line Alt+L Design Tool
SLP Auto Enter not mapped host
Stop Ctrl+S host (word processing)
SysReq Alt+Print Screen host
Tab Tab host
Tab Advance Ctrl+T host (word processing)
Toggle Toolbar Alt+B Design Tool
Toggle Terminal Keyboard Alt+K Design Tool
Top of Page Ctrl+Up host (word processing)
Test Request Alt+Scroll Lock host
Up Up host
Up Double Alt+Up host
Word Underline Ctrl+W host (word processing)

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