Attribute Tab (Variables)

The Attribute Variables tab contains the following options for allowing users to map attributes to and from variables:

Attribute mapping to variables

Allows a user to map attributes to and from variables, so these attributes can be referenced as part of operations. This enables the user to gain a level of abstraction from attributes or share data among several entities. When a user wants to be able to traverse to several screens using one command, any data that needs to be returned can be automatically stored in a variable by selecting it from these two lists:

Note: ReadFromMappedAttr and WriteToMappedAttr commands are disabled in procedures.

By default, the Design Tool provides the following variable options:<None>, cursorPosition, password, and userID. To create a new variable, click the New Variable button to open the Variables dialog box.

To update the data contained in the selected variable each time a new entity is encountered, select the Always update this variable on arrival at entity check box. If the Override any prior attribute inputs check box is selected, the Design Tool will overwrite any previous attribute inputs.

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