Validation Tab (Advanced Entity Properties Dialog Box)

Click the Properties button for the selected entity to configure advanced settings on the Validation tab. Entity validation enables the Design Tool to verify that a terminal screen has been added to a model as an entity. This validation is checked every time you arrive at that entity from another entity. While performing operations within an entity, the validation will not be used again unless you navigate to another entity. Review entity validation with character mode hosts for specific information about character mode hosts.

Use the following options to specify conditions to the host about validating the arrival at the current entity:

Arrival validation
Configure arrival validation with the following options:
Note: Patterns define the unique signature of a screen in the host application model. Define a pattern to be used in the entity signature by selecting the Use in entity signature check box on the Pattern tab in the Entity window. In addition, the only patterns that will appear in the Unused box will be patterns that are not considered to be a part of the entity signature.


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