What is a Zero-footprint Terminal Session?

Zero-footprint terminal sessions are two HTML 5 Web applications that are installed and available from the Start menu. This means that you can connect to either a 3270 or 5250 host without having to use any other components of Verastream Host Integrator. The Web applications initially display a connection page in which you can enter host-specific information.

Connection information

Enter your host connection information to connect directly to your host. Required fields are marked by an asterisk. All supported codepages are available from the drop down list.

Using Web Builder to pre-configure zero-footprint terminal sessions

It is possible to pre-configure zero-footprint terminal sessions with specific host information and other configuration options. After you set these configuration options, a new HTML 5 Web application is generated and a connection page will no longer display as that information is already available to the Web application. You can set up multiple pre-configured Web applications.

  1. Open Web Builder.
  2. Select either Terminal3270 or Terminal5250 models depending on your host type.
  3. Enter the host connection information and any other configuration option in the Property panel.

  4. Click OK and build your project.


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