Adding, Removing, and Repairing Components

You can add components to or remove components from your Host Integrator installation whenever it becomes necessary. You can also repair your existing installation using the same install program.

To add, remove, and repair components

  1. Navigate to <install_directory>/setup and run setup.exe. The install program will detect the existing installation and display the Maintenance and Component Selection panel.

    By default the Maintenance tab displays.

    This option Does this
    Repair Reinstalls missing or corrupt files, registry keys, and shortcuts. It is important to note that settings may be reset to their default values.
    Reinstall Completely removes Host Integrator from the system and begins the installation process anew. Review the Installation Guide for details regarding a new installation. The Install Guide, in PDF format, is available from your installation directory.
    Remove Removes all Host Integrator files and directories as well as uninstalls all product components.

    You cannot continue with your installation maintenance selection (repair, reinstall, remove) if you click Continue and navigate away from the Maintenance tab. Select the maintenance option and click Continue while on the Maintenance tab to perform the desired action.

  2. To view a list of currently installed components, open the Component Selection tab. This tab displays the components that are currently installed. Select or clear components to create the desired installation.

  3. Click Continue and setup will perform the necessary actions to install or remove your selections.


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