Host Integrator Components

Host Integrator includes a variety of development and runtime components to integrate host data into Web applications or other client/server applications.

The Development Kit provides a full range of utilities with a limited license server, while the Server Kit includes a full license server without the development tools.


Component Description Development Kit Server Kit
Design Tool Use to create a model of the host application by navigating through host screens, building tables and procedures that encapsulate host functionality. Yes No
Web Builder Use to generate Web-based applications or component interfaces based on the model. You can generate a Web service, Java beans, or .NET components based on the procedure of your host application model. Yes No
(Java, C, J2EE,
.NET, and COM)
Use the connector interfaces to connect to the Host Integrator server to manage host connections and sessions, and read data from and write data to fields. You can use connectors by themselves or in conjunction with applications generated with Web Builder. Yes Yes
Session Server Use the session server to access data on a variety of host systems, including IBM mainframes and AS/400s, VAX/Open VMS, and other ASCII hosts using the VT-420 terminal protocol (including VT-52 and VT-100), and HP 3000 hosts. Yes
(limited license)
(full license)
Web Server The Web server runs Java or HTML5 Web application projects deployed from within Web Builder, as well as the Zero-footprint terminal session Web applications. The Web server is not installed by default in the Windows Server Kit, you must explicitly select it during a custom install. In a Developer Kit installation, the Web server is installed as part of a typical installation. Yes Yes
Administrative Console Use to view and configure server information, monitor sessions and view Host Integrator logs Yes Yes
Host Emulator Use to test an application without a host connection. Yes No
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