Migrating e-Vantage SDK Programs to Verastream Host Integrator

By migrating the e-Vantage SDK terminal emulation applications to Host Integrator's powerful integration platform you make them available to Web applications, mobile apps, and SOA Web services. Host Integrator contains a .NET class library, EAO2V, that is also accessible through a COM interface and provides you with the ability to do just that.

The e-Vantage SDK library currently supports only 3270 terminal type sessions.

How does it work?

The e-Vantage SDK HLLAPI Adapter is a .NET class library that contains methods and properties that closely resemble the e-Vantage SDK API. Your VB.NET or C# programs use the e-Vantage SDK API to make.NET to COM calls to invoke methods provided by e-Vantage SDK. Since the e-Vantage SDK library does not cache, both e-Vantage SDK and VHI connector calls work together seamlessly and provide a smooth transition from e-Vantage SDK programs to VHI.

You can migrate VB.NET, C#, or Microsoft Office Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programs.

What are the steps?

For the steps needed to migrate your e-Vantage SDK programs, see How to Migrate e-Vantage SDK Programs to VHI.

The classes, methods, and properties that comprise the e-Vantage SDK HLLAPI Adapter are documented in a MSDN-style compiled help system that is included with Verastream Host Integrator.


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