Migrating EXTRA! Extreme 9.3 Applications to Verastream Host Integrator

By migrating EXTRA! terminal emulation applications to Host Integrator's powerful integration platform, you make them available to Web applications, mobile apps, and SOA Web services. Host Integrator contains a .NET class library, EXTRA! COM, that is also accessible through a COM interface and provides you with the ability to do just that.

The EXTRA! COM library currently supports only 3270 terminal type sessions.

How does it work?

The EXTRA! COM library is a .NET class library that contains methods and properties that closely resemble the EXTRA COM API. Your VB.NET or C# programs use the EXTRA API to make.NET to COM calls to invoke methods provided by EXTRA. Since the EXTRA! COM library does not cache, both EXTRA! COM and VHI connector calls work together seamlessly and provide a smooth transition from EXTRA to VHI.

You can migrate VB.NET, C#, or Microsoft Office Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programs.

What are the steps?

For the steps needed to migrate your EXTRA programs, see How to Migrate EXTRA Programs to VHI.


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