COM Connector Introduction

Use the Host Integrator COM connector to create Visual Basic and C++ applications that integrate host data into web applications or client/server applications. This section describes the COM API methods and provides you with tips on how to build powerful and robust applications by taking advantage of the COM connector's features and options.

The COM connector is installed as a component selection during the basic Host Integrator install program.

Intended Audience

This reference is meant for COM and C developers who are familiar with object-oriented development environments and who have a thorough knowledge of Visual Basic, C++, or ASP web programming with scripting languages like JScript or VBScript. In addition, you should become familiar with the Design Tool and Host Integrator Server and the model files associated with them. You can use Web Builder to create projects based on the demo models provided with Verastream Host Integrator and then examine the code in your projects to see how the connector works. To view examples of individual methods, see the Visual Basic methods help file.


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