Java Connector Introduction

Use the Java Connector to create Java applications that integrate host data into web applications or client/server applications. This section describes the Java connector and provides tips on how to build powerful and robust applications that take advantage of the connector's features and options.

You can use the Web Builder tool to create Java projects, based on the "demo" models provided with Verastream Host Integrator, and then examine the Java code in your projects to see how the Java connector works.

To be able to use the Verastream Java Connector on your computer, you must choose the "Java Connector" when you're installing Verastream Host Integrator. Installing with this option selected copies all necessary files to your computer including the Java Development Kit.

To use the Java connector to develop an application that accesses the host application model file on your Host Integrator Server, you need the provided Java Development Kit as well as a Java IDE of your choice. You can use the JDK Framework to build, deploy, and run XML Web services and Java-connected applications.

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