To build the demonstration preprocessor

  1. From the Example Integrated Preprocessor topic, create the files preproc.cbl, working.cbl and asmcobol.cbl.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Add preproc.cbl to this project.
  4. Ensure that the build settings for preproc.cbl use the MF dialect.
  5. Build the project.
  6. Create a second new project.
  7. Place the asmcobol.cbl and working.cbl files in the same folder as the new project file. Do not place them in a separate source folder.
  8. Add asmcobol.cbl to this project.
  9. Ensure that the build settings for asmcobol.cbl use the MF dialect.
  10. Specify the folder where asmcobol.cbl is as a Copybook folder. This enables the COBOL development system to find working.cbl.
  11. Edit asmcobol.cbl and comment out the $SET statement at the top of the program.
  12. In the build settings for asmcobol.cbl add the following directives:
    p (absolute_directory_path\ endp

    For example:

    p (c:\mfuser\projects\preproc\loadlib\ endp

    You specify the location of in this way rather than in the $SET statement you deleted at step 10 because the preprocessor's parsing is quite basic and cannot handle the colon in the path-name.

  13. Build the project.

    You can now use the preprocessor.