General Format

  CUSTOM-ATTRIBUTE IS  class-name-1 [ ( {parameter-1} . . . ) ] 

Syntax Rules

  1. The subject of the entry must be a .NET native data type as described in .NET Native Types in the section .NET Concepts in the Language Fundamentals chapter. This clause can also be used to describe classes, delegates, enumerations, events, interfaces, methods, properties and valuetypes.
  2. Class-name-1 must be the name of a class specified in the Repository paragraph of this source element.
  3. This list of parameters must match a constructor defined for class-name-1. Each parameter-1 must be one of the following:
    • An ordinary parameter that is the argument to the constructor for that attribute. For example:

    • A named parameter that corresponds to a property defined on the custom attribute class. For example:

General Rules

  1. The custom attribute specified becomes part of the metadata describing the subject of the entry and is visible to a reflector.