The TITLE Statement

General Format


Syntax Rules

  1. Literal-1 must be nonnumeric and can be followed by a period. It cannot be a figurative constant.
  2. The word TITLE can begin either in Area A or Area B and must be the only statement on the line.
  3. The TITLE statement can appear anywhere in the compilation group.

General Rules

  1. Literal-1 is used as a title on all subsequent pages of the listing. The default title, which is used until a TITLE directive is encountered, identifies your COBOL system and its current release level.
  2. The chosen or default title occupies the left-hand side of the first line of each page. The remainder of the line gives the date and time the intermediate code is produced and a page number.
  3. A second title line is also output containing the name of the main source file and of the current text-name (copybook).
  4. The TITLE statement causes an immediate new page.
  5. The TITLE statement itself is not printed.