The -INC Statement

General Format



  1. In addition to Compiler directives which provide flagging and modify the reserved word list, the following directive may impact either the syntax or the semantics described in this section.
    • LIBRARIAN - enables the use of -INC syntax.

Syntax Rules

  1. -INC must begin in column 1 and be followed by one or more spaces.
  2. Text-name defines a unique external file-name which conforms to the rules for user-defined words.
  3. This special statement is not part of the COBOL language. It must, in its entirety, be contained on a single line and must be in upper case.

General Rules

  1. Text-name determines the COBOL source file to be included at this specific place in the source code.
  2. Any other text appearing on the line is treated as a comment.