General Formats for Format 1


General Formats for Format 2


General Formats for Format 3


General Formats for Format 4


General Formats for Format 5

   identifier-2 object-view-1

General Formats for Format 6


General Formats for Format 7


Syntax Rules:

  1. Subscript-1 represents either subscripting (see the section Subscripting) or indexing (see the section Indexing).

General Rules: for Format 2

  1. The words IN and OF are equivalent.
  2. A data-name must neither be subscripted nor indexed when it is being used as an index, or subscript.
  3. Indexing is not permitted where subscripting is not permitted.
  4. An index can be modified only by the SET, SEARCH, and PERFORM statements. Data items described by the USAGE IS INDEX clause permit storage of the values associated with index-names as data. Such data items are called index data items.
  5. Literals used as subscripts must be positive numeric integers. Literals used for relative subscripting and indexing must be unsigned numeric integers.

General Rules: for Format 3

  1. Object-property-1 is defined by the section Object property

General Rules: for Format 4

  1. Inline-invocation-1 is defined by the section Inline Method Invocation

General Rules: for Format 5

  1. Object-view-1 is defined by the section Object-view

General Rules: for Format 6

  1. Address-identifiers are defined by the section Data-address-identifier and the section Program-address-identifier.

General Rules: for Format 7

  1. Type-of-1 is defined by the section Type of identifier.