Rebuild Options - /c

Data compression can only be specified for an output file. Key compression can be specified for an output file or the rebuild of an existing file.

The /c option operates in a similar manner to the Compiler directives DATACOMPRESS and KEYCOMPRESS.


d n
Data compression. n must be in the range 0 through 255:
Value Description
0 No data compression.
1 through 127 Reserved.
128 through 255 User-defined compression routines.
i n
Key compression. n must be in the range 0 through 15:
Value Description
0 No key compression.
1 Duplicates are compressed.
2 Leading characters are compressed.
4 Leading spaces are compressed.
8 Trailing nulls are compressed.
You can specify any combination of these key compressions by adding together the appropriate values.
Note: You cannot compress the data in C-ISAM and Level 2 files.



specifies data compression routine 1, and index compression of leading characters and trailing spaces.


specifies key compression of duplicates only.