Rebuild Command Line Options

The general format of the Rebuild command line is:

rebuild in-file [,out-file] [options]

Both in-file and out-file must include the filename extension. The filename of out-file must not be the same as in-file. To implement filename mapping, you can use environment variables in place of in-file or out-file.

  • The /m and //q options are not currently available.
  • If the /f or /v option is followed by parameters, use a colon (:) before the parameter(s). For other options, the colon is not required.
  • You can place options anywhere within the command, except that options beginning with two slashes must be placed before options beginning with one slash.
  • Options are free-format; spaces are required between options.
  • Do not insert spaces between the parameters of options.
If you use Rebuild through Fileshare you can only use the options that are supported for such use. Otherwise you will obtain undefined results. See the topic Rebuild through Fileshare for more information.

For more information about Rebuild, see the chapter Rebuild in your File Handling book.