Key to Code Generation Error Messages

Code generation messages have the following format:

NCG Error at INT Code Address - address
*ErrorCode message

where the variables are:

address The address in the intermediate code at which the error occurred. Most errors of this type cause the code generator to display the source line in error, provided that the program was compiled with the ANIM directive, and the .idy and source files are available in the current directory. If it does not, you can relate it to your program source by compiling the program with the REF directive and referring to the source listing.
ErrorCode A code containing the following information:
  • The component that the error occurred in.
  • The operation that was taking place when the error occurred.
  • The error message number.
  • The severity of the error.
message A description of the cause of the error.

The severity returned in ErrorCode can take one of the following values:

F Fatal. In the unlikely event that one of these errors occurs, contact Technical Support to solve the problem.
R Recoverable. This ends code generation, as you must correct the error.
C Cautionary. This tells you either that you have specified an invalid combination of directives or that PERFORM statements cannot be optimized. It does not end code generation or prevent the generated code being executed.