mf.idmr Properties

The following table lists the properties of the mf.idmr component and shows the event information that can be included in the trace for each property.

The properties of the mf.idmr component provide information about the handling of the interface mapping between a SOAP/BINP message and COBOL fields.

Property Property Description Level Event Id Event Description
ALL   - - Enables/disables all of the other properties
API API events INFO 211 Mapper initialization
212 Mapper termination
213 Set implementation field
214 Get implementation field
215 API completed successfully
ERROR 216 API error
CLIENT Enterprise Server client handler events INFO 31 Start of client request
32 End of client request
33 Start of client response
34 End of client response
35 Start of client termination
36 End of client termination
38 Set behavior options
39 Set special registers
40 Get fault information
41 Call program
ERROR 37 Client handling error
GEN IDT generation events INFO 121 Start of IDT generation
122 Start of implementation section
123 Start of service section
124 Start of configuration section
125 Set schema location
126 Validate service definition
128 Operation completed successfully
129 Free IDT
130 Set behaviour options
131 Load configuration information
132 Free configuration information
ERROR 127 IDT generation error
IDT IDT processing events INFO 181 Get configuration information
MAP Run-time interface mapping events INFO 501 External information events
502 Implementation information
503 IDT information
504 Configuration information
505 Exit handling information
506 Arguments size
507 External message size
508 External message argument count
509 Start of parameter
510 End of parameter
511 Set implementation field
512 Set implementation constant
513 Get implementation field
514 Start of server request mapping
515 End of server request mapping
516 Start of server response mapping
517 End of server response mapping
518 Start of client request mapping
519 End of client request mapping
520 Start of client response mapping
521 End of client response mapping
522 No execution
SERVER Enterprise Server request handler events INFO 0 Start of server request
1 End of server request
2 Start of server response
3 End of server response
4 Start of server termination
5 End of server termination
ERROR 6 Server handling error
SYS System IDT events INFO 151 Generate system IDT