mf.mvs.mvscatio Properties

The following table lists the properties of the mf.mvs.mvscatio component and shows the event information that can be included in the trace for each property.

The properties of the mf.mvs.mvscatio component provide information about the JES system catalog, which maintains the relationship between the native file system and the MVS/VSE form of data set names.

Property Property Description Level Event Id Event Description
BUFFER Buffer for MVSCATIO files. DEBUG 5 The buffer used for MVSCATIO files in binary format. This is useful for subrecord tracing.
DELETE Functions that occur when an MVSCATIO DLET function code is executed. DEBUG 3 Unexpected failures, and information such as whether a file was able to be physically deleted or if alternate indexes were processed.
ENQUE Enqueues on a record. DEBUG 3 Data set records that are being locked and waited for.
ENTRY Entry to or exit from MVSCATIO. DEBUG 3 Primary key, file status, and return codes for a given call to MVSCATIO. This is very useful for diagnosing general problems with MVSCATIO.
MFALU Mainframe Access lookups and their success or failure. DEBUG 3 MVSCATIO calls that caused a Mainframe Access lookup to occur and whether or not the lookup was successful.
PHYS Physical file name associated with a catalog entry. DEBUG 7 The physical file name. This is useful in conjunction with the ENTRY property when trying to establish which physical files are associated with a given MVS name.
RECORDS Catalog records. DEBUG 6 The entire catalog record for a given I/O operation in binary form. This provides additional information that is not available when using the ENTRY property.