To create and load a binary trace file into the CTF Viewer

  1. Enable CTF tracing.
  2. Configure CTF to generate a binary trace file when the application is run, by adding the following line to the configuration file ctf.cfg:
    mftrace.dest = binfile
  3. Either Click File > Open File, and then double-click the trace file you want.

    Or create a project containing the trace files.

    1. Create a new project of the General type.
    2. Follow the wizard, and when it asks for the location of your files, specify the directory containing your trace files. We recommend that you specify the trace file location defined in the mftrace.emitter.binfile#location entry in your CTF configuration file, which is by default called ctf.cfg.
    3. In the Navigator view, double-click a trace file to load it into the viewer.