call "CBL_CTF_LEVEL" using by value     flags
                           by value     trace-level
                           by reference component-id
                              returning status-code


  Using call prototype (see Key) Picture
flags cblt-x4-comp5 pic x(4) comp-5
trace-level cblt-x4-comp5 pic x(4) comp-5
component-id pic x(n) pic x(n)
status-code See Library Routines - Key

On Entry:

Control flags:
Bits 0-29
Reserved for future use. Must be 0.
Bit 30
Value Meaning
0 component-id is space-terminated.
1 component-id is null-terminated. This is ignored if bit 31 is unset.
Bit 31
Value Meaning
0 component-id is a pic x(4) comp-5 tracer handle returned from a call to CBL_CTF_TRACER_GET.
1 component-id is a pic x(n) text string. The termination character for the string is defined by bit 30.
Component whose property value is to be returned. This is either a pic x(4) comp-5 tracer handle (from CBL_CTF_TRACER_GET) if bit 31 of flags is not set, or a pic x(n) text identifier if bit 31 of flags is set.

On Exit:

One of:


CBL_CTF_LEVEL provides equivalent functionality to the mftrace.level and mftrace.level.component-name configuration file entries.


 copy "cbltypes.cpy".
 copy "mfctf.cpy".

*> 1) Set the default trace threshold level to be DEBUG

 call "CBL_CTF_LEVEL" using by value 0
                            by value 78-LEVFLGS-LEVEL-DEBUG
                            by reference " "

*> 2) Set the WARNING tracing threshold level for the MF.RTS component. 
*>    Any component inheriting from the MF.RTS component (such as 
*>    MF.RTS.ERR and MF.RTS.MEM) will also use the WARNING tracing 
*>    threshold level. All other trace-enabled components will use the 
*>    INFO tracing threshold level.

 call "CBL_CTF_LEVEL" using by value 0
                            by value 78-LEVFLGS-LEVEL-INFO
                            by reference " "

 call "CBL_CTF_LEVEL" using by value 0
                            by value 78-LEVFLGS-LEVEL-WARNING
                            by reference "MF.RTS "