CALL "CBL_DIR_SCAN_READ" using  by reference   handle
                                   returning   search-status


usage pointer.
Group item containing the following subordinate items:
01 entry         
   03 attribute        cblt-x4-comp5. 
   03 date-stamp  
      05 year          cblt-x4-comp5. 
      05 month         cblt-x2-comp5. 
      05 day           cblt-x2-comp5. 
      05 hour          cblt-x2-comp5. 
      05 minute        cblt-x2-comp5. 
      05 second        cblt-x2-comp5. 
      05 millisec      cblt-x2-comp5. 
      05 dst           cblt-x1-comp5. 
      05 size          cblt-x8-comp5. 
      05 name     
         07 max-len    cblt-x2-comp5. 
         07 entry-name pic x(max-len)
See Library Routines - Key.

On Entry:

Set by CBL_DIR_SCAN_START. This field identifies the search operation. Search parameters cannot be changed for a given handle.
The length of the entry-name field.

On Exit:

Describes the properties of the entry found. Valid values are:
Value Bit Set Meaning
1 0 File found
2 1 Directory found
4 2 The entry found is not a file or a directory
8 3 The entry is readable
16 4 The entry is writable
32 5 The entry is hidden
If the entry found is a file, any of bits 3, 4 and 5 may be set, to indicate whether or not the file is readable and so on. These bits may be set if the entry found is not a file, but the meaning in this case is undefined.
Note that this is a return field. The flags in bits 0 to 2 reflect the entry's properties and may not be the same as the search attributes.
This group field holds the date and time that the entry was last written.
Attribute Description
year Current year minus 1900
month Month, 0-11; January = 0
day Day of month, 1-31
hour Hour of day, 0-23
minute Minute
second Seconds
millisec Milliseconds. On some systems millisec is set to zero
dst Daylight saving time flag: 0 means that daylight saving was not in operation; 1 means that daylight saving was in operation when the entry was last written; 255 means that the daylight savings setting is unknown.
The size of the file in bytes.
The name of the entry found.
Return status:
0 Success
1 Unable to start search
2 Invalid search handle
3 Search finished
127 Other error


Errors associated with an entry-name field that is too small for the result will be ignored. If you do not supply a large enough field, the result will be truncated to fit. If you supply a field that is shorter than max-len you will corrupt memory.