X"AF" function 26


call x"AF" using function-code


Call prototype: cblt-x1-compx
Picture: pic x comp-x.
Group containing:
01 key-status
  03 key-type    pic x.         *> pic x. 
  03 key-code-1  cblt-x1-compx  *> pic x comp-x. 
  03 key-code-2  cblt-x1-compx  *> pic x comp-x.

On Entry:

Value 26.

On Exit:

The type of key read, as follows:
1 User-defined function key
2 Adis function key
3 Data key
9 Error
When key-type is 1 or 2, contains the number of the key; 0-127 for user-defined and 0-39 for Adis. See the chapter Adis Configuration Utility (AdisCF) in your Programmer's Guide to Creating User Interfaces for more details on function keys.
When key-type is 3, contains the ASCII code of the key presse
When key-type is 9, contains an error code:
8 A disabled character has been keyed, and key-code-2 contains the character.
9 An invalid keystroke (more than one byte) has occurred.


This routine also causes the COBOL screen handling system to be invoked. See the chapter Comparison of Screen Handling Methods in your Programmer's Guide to Creating User Interfaces for details.