X"91" function 16

Note: This routine has been deprecated in Net Express 4.0 onwards: it is provided for backward compatibility only. You should instead use CBL_GET_PROGRAM_INFO using by value 8.


call x"91" using result


  Using call prototype (see Key) Picture
result cblt-x1-compx pic x comp-x.
function-code cblt-x1-compx pic x comp-x.
parameter cblt-x1-compx pic x comp-x.

On Entry:

function-code Value 16

On Exit:

parameter The number of parameters.
result Set to zero if the call was successful, nonzero otherwise.


This function is used in the called program; for the function to work in generated code, the program must be compiled with the PARAMCOUNTCHECK directive.

This function can only be used if the program is called from a COBOL program.