X"91" function 13


call x"91" using result


  Using call prototype (see Key) Picture
result cblt-x1-compx pic x comp-x.
function-code cblt-x1-compx pic x comp-x.
parameter cblt-x1-compx occurs 26 pic x comp-x occurs 26

On Entry:

function-code Value 13
parameter Each byte represents one of the switch letters and each bit in a byte is the state to set the numeric switch for that letter. For example, parameter(1) bit 0 represents switch A (or A0), bit 5 of parameter(19) represents switch S5.

On Exit:

result Set to zero if the call was successful, nonzero otherwise.


To update one switch without affecting the others, you should read the switches with Function 14, update parameter, and then call this function.