call "CBL_TSTORE_CREATE" using    tstore-handle
                         by value tstore-size  
                         by value tstore-flags


  Using call prototype (see Key) Picture
tstore-handle cblt-pointer usage pointer.
tstore-size cblt-os-size picture s9(9) comp-5
tstore-flags cblt-os-flags picture s9(9) comp-5

On Entry:

Size of thread-storage area that will be returned to every thread that calls CBL_TSTORE_GET using the returned handle.
The type of thread-storage area required:
Bit Meaning
0 Reserved, should be set to 0
1 Reserved, should be set to 0
2 0: Allocate a thread-storage handle. The handle is not independent of the calling program, and is deallocated automatically when the calling program is canceled.

1: Allocate a thread-storage handle that is independent from any calling program. If this bit is set the thread-storage handle will be closed at the end of the run-unit

3-31 Reserved, should be set to 0

On Exit:

The thread-storage handle.
Indicates success or otherwise of the routine:
0 Successful allocation
1000 Unable to allocate thread storage handle


CBL_TSTORE_CREATE specifies the size of the memory block that will be returned by any subsequent calls to CBL_TSTORE_GET and, optionally, associates that handle with the calling program so that when the calling program is canceled the returned handle is automatically closed. In any event the returned handle will be closed at termination of the run-unit or a call to CBL_TSTORE_CLOSE, whichever comes first.

If this thread-storage handle is not associated with a program, then the thread-storage handle is closed at the end of the run-unit.

You should ensure that this routine is called in single-threaded mode by forcing single-threaded behavior within a monitor lock, or by calling it only when initializing the application in single-threaded mode.