call "CBL_THREAD_WAIT" using by value thread-id
                       by reference   thr-return
                       returning      status-code


  Using call prototype (see Key) Picture
thread-id cblt-pointer usage pointer.
thr-return cblt-pointer usage pointer.

On Entry:

thread-id A pointer to the thread identifier

On Exit:

thr-return The thread's return value.
status-code See RETURN-CODE Values For Thread-control Routines


The behavior of this routine is undefined if:

  • thread-id is invalid.
  • thread-id specifies a previously detached thread.
  • Two threads attempt to use CBL_THREAD_WAIT and/or CBL_THREAD_DETACH on the same thread at the same time.
  • While in a CBL_THREAD_WAIT, the target thread is killed by CBL_THREAD_KILL.

If the routine is successful, the thread's return value is stored in thr-return, the target thread is detached, and the call returns 0.