CBL_THREAD_IDDATA_ALLOC using by reference iddata
                        by value  iddatasize


  Using call prototype (see Key) Picture
iddata cblt_pointer pic x(n).
iddatasize cblt-os-size pic x(4) comp-5.

On Entry:

iddata Id-data area for the current thread
iddatasize Size of the id-data area. If it is zero, the thread will have no id-data area.

On Exit:

return-code A value indicating success or otherwise. See RETURN-CODE Values For Thread-control Routines.


This call allocates an id-data area for the current thread, and registers it so that a further call to CBL_THREAD_IDDATA_GET with this thread's handle will return the pointer to this data area. A call to CBL_THREAD_LIST_START or CBL_THREAD_LIST_NEXT can also be used to retrieve the pointer to this data area.

If there was already an id-data area for this thread, the old one is freed and replaced by the new one. This will not happen if the call fails; typically this occurs if there is not enough memory to allocate the new id-data area.

If the iddata parameter is passed as 'by value 0' then any area allocated is initialized to low-values. Otherwise iddata provides the initialization data for the memory area allocated.