call "CBL_THREAD_DETACH" using by value thread-id


  Using call prototype (see Key) Picture
thread-id cblt-pointer usage pointer.

On Entry:

thread-id A pointer to the thread identifier.

On Exit:

return-code A value indicating success or otherwise. See RETURN-CODE Values For Thread-control Routines.


CBL_THREAD_DETACH enables a thread's resource to be freed when that thread terminates. When a thread is created (non-detached) a handle is returned to the creator. That handle can be used to wait for a thread, retrieve a return-code from the thread, inspect a thread's state, and so on. If a thread terminates, that handle is still valid until a WAIT or DETACH is done; that is, resources are still allocated to the (terminated) thread. If a thread is detached then all resources from a terminated thread are freed immediately; if the thread is still active those resources are marked to be freed when the thread terminates.

Behavior is undefined if:

  • thread-id is undefined
  • Two threads attempt to call CBL_THREAD_WAIT and/or CBL_THREAD_DETACH for the same thread at the same time

If successful, RETURN-CODE is set to 0. If unsuccessful, the call will attempt to return an error number. However, because some behaviors are undefined, a call that fails could result in a run-time system error.