call "CBL_READ_VFILE" using by value heap-id
                      by reference   heap-buffer
                      returning      status-code


  Using call prototype (see Key) Picture
heap-id cblt-vfile-handle. pic x(2) comp-5.
heap-ref cblt-x4-comp5. pic x(4) comp-5.
heap-length cblt-x4-comp5. pic x(4) comp-5.
heap-buffer pic x(n). pic x(n).
status-code See Library Routines - Key.

On Entry:

heap-id This contains the heap handle assigned when the heap was opened.
heap-ref Offset in the heap at which to start reading. In .NET, this is limited to a maximum value of 0x7fffffff.
heap-length Number of bytes to read.

On Exit:

heap-buffer Buffer into which bytes are read. It is your responsibility to ensure that the buffer is large enough to hold the number of bytes being read.


Trying to read data from an area of the heap which has not yet been written results in indeterminate data being returned to the buffer.