call "CBL_MONITOR_OPEN_INTRA" using by reference monitor-handle
                              by value           open-flags


  Using call prototype (see Key) Picture
monitor-handle cblt-pointer usage pointer.
open-flags cblt-os-flags pic x(4) comp-5.

On Entry:

A 32-bit word indicating the priority algorithm used to grant locks:
Bit 0
0 Readers and writers have interleaved priority; that is, if a write request is issued, any further read requests will block until the first write request is granted and finished
1 Read requests always have priority, possibly leading to writer starvation.
Bits 1-31
Reserved and should be set to zero.

On Exit:

The monitor handle.
A value of 0 indicates that the call was successful. Any other value indicates an error. See RETURN-CODE Values For Synchronization Routines.


If open-flags bit 0 is set to 0, and nested read locks are requested, then single thread deadlock is possible.