Restriction: This routine is supported for native COBOL only.


        call "CBL_GET_SCR_GRAPHICS" using     graphics-params
        returning status-code


Group predefined as cblt-get-scr-graphics-buffer, a group containing:
01 cblt-get-scr-graphics-buffer          typedef.
  03 cblte-gsgb-flag                     cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
  03 cblte-gsgb-buf-size                 cblt-x2-compx.     *> pic x(2) comp-x.
  03 cblte-gsgb-buf.
    04 cblte-gsgb-up-arrow.
      05 cblte-gsgb-up-arrow-dbflag      cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-up-arrow-arrow       cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.
    04 cblte-gsgb-down-arrow.
      05 cblte-gsgb-down-arrow-dbflag    cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-down-arrow-arrow     cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x
    04 cblte-gsgb-right-arrow.
      05 cblte-gsgb-right-arrow-dbflag   cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-right-arrow-arrow    cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.
    04 cblte-gsgb-left-arrow.
      05 cblte-gsgb-left-arrow-dbflag    cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-left-arrow-arrow     cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.
    04 cblte-gsgb-maximize.
      05 cblte-gsgb-maximize-dbflag      cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-maximize-char        cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.
    04 cblte-gsgb-minimize.
      05 cblte-gsgb-minimize-dbflag      cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-minimize-char        cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.
    04 cblte-gsgb-check.
      05 cblte-gsgb-check-dbflag         cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-check-char           cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.
    04 cblte-gsgb-restore.
      05 cblte-gsgb-restore-dbflag       cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-restore-char         cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.
    04 cblte-gsgb-radio.
      05 cblte-gsgb-radio-dbflag         cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-radio-char           cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.    
    04 cblte-gsgb-scroll.
      05 cblte-gsgb-scroll-dbflag        cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-scroll-char          cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.    
    04 cblte-gsgb-rubber-band.
      05 cblte-gsgb-rubber-band-dbflag   cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-rubber-band-char     cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.    
    04 cblte-gsgb-sysmenu.
      05 cblte-gsgb-sysmenu-char-dbflag  cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-sysmenu-char-char    cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.    
    04 cblte-gsgb-editor-char.
      05 cblte-gsgb-editor-char-dbflag   cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-editor-char-char     cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.    
    04 cblte-gsgb-hyhelp-tab.
      05 cblte-gsgb-hyhelp-tab-dbflag    cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-hyhelp-tab-char      cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.    
    04 cblte-gsgb-hyhelp-btab.
      05 cblte-gsgb-hyhelp-btab-dbflag   cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x comp-x.
      05 cblte-gsgb-hyhelp-btab-char     cblt-x1-compx.     *> pic x.
See Library Routines - Key.

On Entry

Type of character code to return:
Code Description
0 Either single-byte or double-byte character set as appropriate for the host environment
1 Only single-byte character set (SBCS)
2 Only double-byte character set (DBCS)
Length of cblte-gsgb-buf in bytes. The normal value of cblte-gsgb-buf-size is 30, although by specifying a smaller value you can request only the graphics values you require.

You must not set cblte-gsgb-buf-size to be greater than the length of cblte-gsgb-buf. If cblte-gsgb-buf-size exceeds the length of cblte-gsgb-buf, the run-time system continues to write to memory past the buffer, which could corrupt other data.

On Exit

Number of bytes filled.
Character codes for each entry that is completely contained in the cblte-gsgb-buf-size byte count. The contents of any character code which is only partially in the byte count is undefined. Any character codes wholly outside the byte count are ignored.

The byte count should include the whole of any DBCS character-part, even if DBCS is not requested or expected.

For the cblte-gsgb-*-dbflg data items, zero indicates single-byte character codes have been returned; a nonzero value is the first byte of the double-byte character returned.

Return status:
Code Description
0 Success
1 Not all requested codes were available; cblte-gsgb-buf-size contains the number of bytes that were returned
2 cblte-gsgb-buf could not be filled with the character codes specified (either SBCS or DBCS). In this case, the characters that were not available were filled as though cblte-gsgb-flag was set to 0.
3 Both the errors signaled by status-code = 1 and 2 occurred.