call "CBL_GET_EXIT_INFO" using     param-block
                         returning status-code


Group predefined as cblt-exit-info-params containing
01 cblt-exit-info-params    typedef.
  03 cblte-gei-size         cblt-x4-comp5. 	*> pic x(4) comp-5 value 16.
  03 cblte-gei-return-code  cblt-x4-comp5. 	*> pic x(4) comp-5.
  03 cblte-gei-rts-error    cblt-x4-comp5. 	*> pic x(4) comp-5.
  03 cblte-gei-exit-flags   cblt-x4-comp5. 	*> pic x(4) comp-5.

See Library Routines - Key.

On Entry:

The size of parameter block including this field (must be set to 16).

On Exit:

Current value of RETURN-CODE.
Error number of the run-time system error that caused termination (zero if none).
A 32-bit word providing additional termination information:
Bit 0
0 Not running under Debugger
1 Running under Debugger
Bit 1
Escaped from Debugger
Bit 2
Terminated due to STOP RUN
Bit 3
0 Terminated in COBOL
1 Terminated in non-COBOL
Bit 4
Terminated due to the interrupt key being pressed (for example, CTRL+C), or some other similar mechanism for terminating a program
Bit 5
Exit procedure invoked during thread termination
Bits 6-31
Reserved for future use - set to 0
0 Success.
1006 API called from outside of exit procedure.
1009 Invalid parameter passed to API.


This routine must only be called from within an exit procedure that has been installed using CBL_EXIT_PROC.

A typical use of this routine would be in database applications which need to be able to determine under what circumstances an exit procedure has been invoked. Database applications would typically need to be able to determine whether the exit procedure had been invoked due to a normal or abnormal run-time system termination. This routine would enable them to decide whether to commit or rollback.