OPT (Non-Intel x86 platforms)




integer The level of optimization; one of:
1 Minimal optimization.
2 Default optimization.
3 Additional optimization - particularly of STRING, UNSTRING and INSPECT. This option increases the time taken to generate a program in comparison to the default optimization.


Default: OPT"2"
Phase: Generate
$SET: Any


Set to OPT"1" at end by ANIM.


OPT"3" provides global optimisation; this means that the entire program is examined as a whole during optimisation, rather than successive small portions of it.

Compiling with OPT"3" can take considerably longer than with OPT"2".

If you request optimization of a large program, compilation might fail because there is insufficient memory. If this happens, repeat the compilation with OPT"2" specified.

OPT is the equivalent of OPT"3".