>>-.---.-.-------OUTDD--"fname rsize rtype"----.---><
   +-/-+ +-------OUTDD--"fname rsize"----------+


Name of file to be written for the specified DISPLAY statements and EXHIBIT statements and for the TRACE output. When this parameter is not specified the name used is SYSOUT.
Size of the data records in the file. When this parameter is not specified the size used is 132 for Micro Focus dialects (rtype = L), or 121 for mainframe dialects (rtype = R).
Either L for Line Sequential (Micro Focus dialect) or R for Record Sequential (mainframe dialects). When this parameter is not specified, L is used.


Default: NOOUTDD
Phase: Syntax check
$SET: Initial


When OUTDD is specified, all format 1 DISPLAY statements which either have no UPON option or specify UPON SYSOUT, and all EXHIBIT statements and the output from TRACE are transformed into WRITE statements, writing to a file with the specified external filename.

The filename can be mapped onto physical filenames in the same way as other files with external filenames; that is, by using environment variables or the External File Mapper.

Note: JCL user exit programs should not be compiled with this directive.