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Phase: Syntax check
$SET: Initial




This directive causes the check phase of the Compiler to output information on the data items; both those that you have specified, and those automatically generated by the Compiler, such as the data area for the RETURN-CODE special register.

The information is output at the end of the list file. The information on the data items is output in the same order as they are encountered in your program by the Compiler. The first line is the program-id of the program to which the data items belong. This enables you to see the relevant data items for nested programs, or for the various areas of OO class programs (classes, object methods, and so on). For each data item, the following information is listed:

  • The line number
  • The data name
  • The address of the data item, that is the offset from the beginning of the program's data area
  • The size of the data item in bytes
  • The attributes of the data item. This consists of a string in the following format:

    ss xxxx cccccccccc R E G

    where the variables are:

    ss Location of data item. This can be:
    IO Input-Output Section
    FD File Description
    WS Working-Storage Section
    TL Thread-Local-Storage Section
    OS Object-Storage Section
    LC Local-Storage Section
    LS Linkage Section
    RD Report Section
    SS Screen Section
    PG Variables, such as special registers, generated by the Compiler check phase
    PD Temporary variables, such as those used in search statements, generated by the Procedure Division
    xxxx Can be:
    G Group item
    GO Group occurs item
    GSO Group sub occurs item
    E Elementary item
    EO Elementary occurs item
    ESO Elementary sub occurs item
    ESOO Elementary sub occurs occurs item
    cccccccccc A description of the data type; for example, Display, Comp, Comp-3, Numeric E (for Numeric Edited), AlphNum J (for AlphaNumeric Justified), and so on
    R The item is a Redefinition of some other data item
    E The data item is an External data item
    G The data item is a Global data item