To add support for Micro Focus resource adapters

  1. Edit the classpath to point to the archive files mfcobolpure.jar and mfconnector.jar, which contain the classes that support for the Micro Focus resource adapters.
    To do this, use the command:

    where jar_path is the path to the archive files appropriate to your application server.

    Specific versions of these files are supplied for each supported application server and J2EE version. They are available in the application server subdirectories under $COBDIR/lib in your COBOL system installation or on the CD or DVD, as follows:

    • j2ee14/beaweblogic9
    • j2ee14/ibmwebsphere6
    • j2ee14/ibmwebsphere61
    • j2ee14/jboss4
    • javaee5/ibmwebsphere7