To deploy a Micro Focus resource adapter to a J2EE application server

  1. Start your J2EE application server and its adminstration console, and navigate to where you add resource adapters.
  2. Specify the resource adapter to deploy, which is one of:
    • mfcobol-notx.rar - does not support transactions
    • mfcobol-localtx.rar - supports local transactions
    • mfcobol-xa.rar - supports XA transactions

    Specific versions of these files are supplied for each supported application server and J2EE version.They are available in the application server subdirectories under , as follows:

    • j2ee13/beaweblogic8
    • j2ee13/ibmwebsphere51
    • j2ee13/jboss3
    • j2ee13/oracle1012
    • j2ee14/beaweblogic9
    • j2ee14/ibmwebsphere6
    • j2ee14/ibmwebsphere61
    • j2ee14/jboss4
    • j2ee14/oracle1013
  3. Ensure that support for the resource adapters is on your path and classpath environment variables.
  4. You might need to provide the applciation server with a deployment descriptor for the resource adapter. Deployment descriptors are supplied for the following application servers:
    • JBoss - mfcobol*ds.xml, which are supplied in the folder with the .rar files
    • Oracle - oc4j-ra.xml, which is packaged in each .rar file
    • WebLogic - weblogic-ra.xml, which is packaged in each .rar file
    • WebSphere - does not require deployment descriptors
  • Among other things, the deployment descriptors specify the following connection information, and you must not change this:
      JNDI name Reference name
    J2EE 1.3 eis\MFCobol_v1.0 CCIMFCobol_v1.0
    J2EE 1.4 eis\MFCobol_v1.5 CCIMFCobol_v1.5
  • The resource adapter must be deployed on a machine where either Server Enterprise Edition or your COBOL development system is installed.