Background Parsing

Most of the processing involved in Remote Development Option, including program compilation, debugging etc, takes place on the remote server. However, background parsing takes place on your local client machine and this architecture might result in parsing errors. This is because of differences in local and remote environments.

The following are examples of when you might encounter parsing errors:
  • Using copybooks
    • The source code environments are different.
  • Using environment variables
    • If the project build is using environment variables, it is likely that they are different in the local and remote environments.
  • Using the Pre-complier
    • The software environment used in the build is different in the local and remote environments.

These parsing errors do not affect the program build. However, you can remedy the problem depending on the nature of the parsing error. For example, if you encounter parsing errors when using copybooks, you can create a softlink to the copybook on the remote machine.

From a command line prompt on the remote machine do the following:

  1. Change to the project directory:
    cd projectdir
  2. Create a softlink on the required directory or individual file:
    1. On a directory:
      ln -s $COBDIR/cpylib/ cpylib
    2. On an individual file:
      ln -s $COBDIR/cpylib/copybook.cpy copybook.cpy